One Appointment, a Lifetime of Legacy

One Appointment,
a Lifetime of Legacy

Competitively Priced Concierge Legal Family Protection From the Comfort of Your Home!

Competitively Priced Concierge Legal Family Protection From the Comfort of Your Home!

Do you have an estate plan that ensures your family will be in good hands if you are not around?

The reality is that everyone needs an estate plan, no matter how much you earn or how much you own. Here are some facts:

Minor children CANNOT inherit and without the proper planning, your children RISK going to Florida Department of Children and Families if you are no longer around or able to take care of them...A place NO child wants to be!

It costs a lot more money to NOT have a plan than to have a plan. Court involvement is very expensive (average probate cases are start around $8,000 and can last up to a year to resolve).

Yes, estate planning can be an intimidating topic but knowing you are planning to take care of your family after a tragedy will give you PEACE OF MIND if the worst were to happen.

Building an estate plan doesn’t take nearly as long as you would think. Especially with the ONE DAY CLINIC that we’ve built.

In addition to shortening the estate planning process, Grimaldi Law Firm has also found a way to make it more AFFORDABLE for your family. Our prices in Build Trust University are half of the market average.


"Lawyers aren't typically known for making things easy. I'd actually argue that some make things more complicated! This ONE day, ONE appointment approach is how we are going to change that!

You'll walk away with everything you need to give you, and your family peace of mind."

Learn why protecting families has become my passion.


A Program Designed to Deliver a Revocable Living Trust Estate Plan

in One Appointment

This program was built for certain people. If you;
  • have never created a Living Trust before, and have no estate plan.
  • know you want to protect your family if you are not able to take care of them yourself.
  • want to leave everything to your spouse and/or equally to all of your children.
If that describes you then this program was made for you!

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What Does It Include?

Single Parent

Revocable Living Trust
Certificate of Trust
Last Will & Testament
Durable Power of Attorney
HealthCare Surrogate Designation
HIPAA Authorization
Living Will
Trust Funding Instructions
Permanent Guardianship Appointment for Your Minor Children

Married Couple

Revocable Joint Trust
Certificate of Trust
2 Last Wills & Testaments
2 Durable Power of Attorney
2 HealthCare Surrogate Designation
2 HIPAA Authorizations
2 Living Wills
Trust Funding Instructions
Permanent Guardianship Appointment for your Minor Children

How Grimaldi Build Trust University does it

  • Cost | Single with minors : $1,800
  • Cost | Married with kids: $2,500
  • 1 appointment at time and location of your choosing
  • Focus on young families and their needs

Attend Grimaldi Law Firm's Build Trust University by:

  • Watching a 30-minute video prior to our scheduled time that educates you on estate planning and protecting your family.
  • Complete a 10-minute online form* that can be done on your phone or computer.
  • Schedule your one appointment at the time and location of your choice to sign your Revocable Living Trust Package.
  • 'Graduate' GLF's Build Trust University with a completed Revocable Living Trust Plan.
  • Leave with PEACE OF MIND and your trust plan in effect!

*If at any point you have questions on how to answer, we will have 1-2 minute FAQ clips to describe the different topics, questions and how to fill in the form. You will also be able to schedule a call with our team to review your questions.

How other firms do it

  • Average trust plan for a married couple costs $6,000-$8,000.
  • Appointments: 2-3 meetings at the law firm during office hours requiring you (and your spouse) to take off of work, get a baby sitter, etc.
  • Focus of the plans are on the elderly and the extremely wealthy.

Grimaldi Law Firm is building a new way
to protect your family with a trust plan!

We Are So Excited To Get You Peace of Mind!

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